mixIT Radio Console

Logitek Electronic Systems

The Logitek mixIT Radio Console with the JET67 Audio Engine is an unbeatable combination. With plenty of microphone, analog, and digital IO combined with standard AES-67, Livewire+, and Ravenna audio networking along with a starting price of $4800, it’s the best console value in radio.

Add a J67-DANTE card and get 32 x 32 channels of Dante networked audio in addition to the AES-67 audio networking for maximum flexibility.

Use mixIT’s simple touchscreen controls to route any source to any fader, change console presets, or route audio to one of three built-in utility routers.

Product Specs

  • Available in 6, 12, and 18 fader configurations
  • Optional Virtual Console available
  • Standard AES-67, Livewire+, Ravenna networking included
  • Optional Dante networking available
  • Windows PC required for setup, not required for console operation

View the mixIT Radio Console Datasheet

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