Helix Radio Console

Logitek Electronic Systems

Named Best of Show by Radio Magazine at the 2017 NAB Show, the Logitek Helix Radio Console is where audio console meets app.

You do virtually everything on your smartphone because it’s convenient and intuitive. With Helix, the controls of your audio console behave like your smartphone. 

Tap or swipe on Helix’s brilliant touchscreens to change sources, make bus assignments, or use EQ and dynamics controls to sweeten the mix. When your eyes need to be focused on reading copy or interacting with a co-host or guest, motorized faders and large on/off buttons make it easy to mix audio eyes-free.

Product Specs

  • 7″ touchscreens integrated into each module
  • 6 to 24 motorized faders (in increments of 6)
  • Monitor module with control room, headphone, guest/studio, and cue controls
  • Integrated profanity delay controls for delay line built into the JetStream Plus Audio Engine
  • 1 stereo program bus, 8 stereo aux busses
  • EQ and dynamics controls at every fader
  • 24 mix minus buses
  • Standard AES-67, Livewire+, and Ravenna networking with available Dante

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