L-8CUHD (75ohm Digital Video Coaxial Cable Ultra Low Loss Coax (12G-SDI))


Analog to digital…HD to UHD…the Canare 75 ohm, L-8CUHD, ultra coaxial cable designed for 12G-SDI applications is a superior product. This cable is designed for fixed installation with a max transmission distance of 4K UHD and able to reach 100 m or longer.  It’s  less costly and more reliable option. Made for the A/V professional in mind, this cable provides greater long distance transmission that was built to to go the distance.

Yes We CANare!


House of  Worship

Designated connector:  BCP-D8UHD

Product Specs

75ohm Digital Video Coaxial Cable Ultra Low Loss Coax (12G-SDI)

● Specially designed for 12G-SDI – SMPTE 2082-1
● Max. transmission distance of UHD over single link able to reach 140+m*
● Excellent results in demanding tests
● Copper foil and high-density tinned copper braided shielding
● Highly-foamed multi-layer PE insulation
● Flame resistance UL 1666 Riser

Connector: BCP-D8UHD