T# – Multi-Format Modular Multiviewer System

Apantac LLC

T# Modular Multiviewers with Mix and Match I/Os – up to 12G

What makes the T# Multiviewer platform particularly revolutionary is the fact that it is truly modular. A user can build the Multiviewer that they need by choosing from a selection of input and output boards, or from a selection of pre-configured models. This ensures a future-proof solution for any mixed-format visual monitoring infrastructure.

Flexibility & Versatility

The flexibility of T# goes far beyond simply choosing input and outputs. Users can mix & match a variety of signal types (12G-SDI, HDMI, IP, Fiber etc.) for multi-image display processing and monitoring on a single, or multiple displays, without any external conversion.

Dense Multiviewer system

Up to 64 inputs and 8 outputs are supported in a 4RU frame when fully populated and uses less than 400 Watts of power. This configuration and architecture design saves on rack space, saves on hardware maintenance since you don’t have to maintain numerous dedicated multiviewer boxes. And ultimately saving on CAP EX and OP EX, preserving your initial investment.

Extensive Multiviewer Capabilities

T# provides low latency multi-image display processing – only a single frame processing delay as well as pristine picture quality for true and accurate visual monitoring of signals. T# has a fully interactive and immersive on-screen display set-up via software which includes:

  • Borders
  • Labels
  • GPI/O
  • Tally
  • Clocks & timers
  • visual and audio alarms, alarm monitoring
  • close captioning safe area markers
  • audio meters
  • analog and digital clocks
  • logos

Anyone with a simple understanding of computer operation can easily master its operation.

Truly Future Proof

T#’s unique and high bandwidth universal mid plane architecture allows any type of future format to be added by simply plugging in a new hot swappable input board, making it truly future-proof.

Robust Hardware

Since T# multiviewers are so modular, you can share all input and outboards between all three frame sizes (1RU, 2RU and 4RU). Simply move cards from one chassis to a bigger one or increase the number of I/O by populating empty slots with extra input or output cards. Therefore, increasing multiviewer I/O without having to purchase an entirely new system.

On-Screen Elements

Audio Support

  • Decode the 16 SDI Embedded Audio
  • Display up to 256 meters per output board
  • Analog / AES Stereo Monitoring output

Analog & Digital Clocks / Counters

  • Free running or Sync up to LTC, NTP
  • Up and Down Counters
  • Control via GPI, AXP protoco


  • Video presence/format, video frozen, black
  • Audio presence, audio high/low
  • Visual Alarms and GPI output Parameters


  • GPI and TSL over IP control
  • Five Tally attributes: 2 x LED, Text, Background & Border Color
  • Up to 4 Tally levels Control with TSL

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