TRedess Fourth Series Medium Power is a family of Air-Cooled UHF and VHF Transmitters, Translators/Transposers and Gap-Fillers up to 5 kW (DTT and DAB+), bringing together maximum flexibility, high efficiency based on the use of the latest Ultra-Wide Band Doherty technology (UWBD), compact design, reliability and very smart installation and operation, fully oriented to minimize rack space and total cost of ownership.

Product Specs

Compact modules: Exciter in 1HU and power ampifier module 600W (750W for ATSC 1.0) in 3HU.

Two types of Wide-Band Doherty Power amplifiers are available:

– Symmetrical Doherty: Transmitter efficiency typical 37% (470 – 790 MHz)

– Asymmetrical Doherty: Transmitter efficiency typical 41% (470 – 700 MHz)

Single Drive / Dual Drive / 1+1 / N+1 configurations.

DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb and ATSC 1.0/3.0 standards supported. Straightforward change from T to T2 (just with the click of a button on a display menu).

DAB+ standard supported.

2 x ASI or 2 x SMPTE and 2 x TSoIP inputs with full seamless switching.

Built-in Satellite receiver (DVB-S/S2) with CAM

Built-in RF input (DVB-T/T2) for Retransmitter operation.

Built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver.

Built-in Remux functionality for ISDB-T networks

Fourth Series Amplifiers are based on the latest Symmetric and Asymmetric Ultra Wide Band Doherty technology reaching first-class efficiency levels and making use of the same HW amplifier for the entire UHF or VHF frequency range.

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