Broadcast Series equipment covers scenarios where low power Transmitters up to 150W, Gap Fillers or Regenerative Transposers up to 50W can be required. Broadcast series equipment is fully compliant with the DVB-T/T2/H and ISDB-T/Tb standards and allows system configuration redundancy (N+1 and 1+1).

Product Specs

Transmitters and gap fillers up to 150W.

SFN and MFN configurations.

DVB-T/T2/H and ISDB-T/Tb compliant.

SFN synchronization system (GPS).

Redundancy system N+1 and 1+1.

Remote control & monitoring system.

Frequency agility.

Low power consumption.

Very low phase noise oscillator. DDS Technology.

LDMOS amplifiers.

Independent operating mode.

Electromagnetic compatibility and safety according to the CE regulation norms.

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