The TRedess Fourth Series Low Power is a family of air cooled UHF and VHF Transmitters, Translators/Transposers and Gap Fillers (for DTT and DAB+), which bring together high-quality performance, modularity, flexibility, outstanding compactness and smart installation and operation, thanks to its all-in-a-box standalone architecture (exciter and amplifier on the same chassis). TRedess Fourth Series Low Power provides output power ranges up to 400W (500W for ATSC 1.0) and covers the DVB-T/T2, ISDB-T/Tb and ATSC 1.0/3.0 standards, for both MFN and SFN networks.

Product Specs

High level of compactness:

– up to 10W/25W/40W/75W (100W for ATSC 1.0) in 1RU.

– up to 150W (AB class) / 120W (Doherty) or (200W for ATSC 1.0) in 2RU.

– up to 275W (AB class) / 400W (Doherty) or (500W for ATSC 1.0) in 3RU.

Ultra-Wide-Band Doherty for 120W and 400W transmitters: top class energy efficiency with same HW for the entire UHF TV band (easy operation and optimization of spares).

DVB-T/-T2, ISDB-T/-Tb and ATSC 1.0/3.0 modulations supported. MFN and SFN operation. Straightforward change from T to T2 (just with the click of a button on a display menu).

DAB+ standard supported.

Power supply redundancy (optional): Extractable hot-plug PSU in 275W (300W ATSC 1.0) and 400W (500W ATSC 1.0) units.

2xTS over IP inputs and 2xASI inputs or 2xSMPTE (default) with seamless switching.

Digital linear and non-linear pre-correction.

Built-in echo canceller DEEC able to guarantee: Gain Margin = 24 dB. Doppler echo cancellation. Configuration of selective window up to 37 us.

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