ClipFire Television Automation

ENCO Systems, Inc.

ClipFire offers broadcasters, cable television operators and streaming media providers a comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective platform for organizing, managing and automating critical broadcast production and integrated channel playout tasks. Combining functionality including ingest, media asset management, graphics, live production and playout automation within a unified, easy-to-use platform, ClipFire also integrates seamlessly with a growing range of third-party systems to form frictionless, end-to-end media workflows.

ClipFire is built with flexibility and stability in mind. It supports the ingest and playout of a variety of industry-standard file formats, resolutions, and frame rates, transcoding them on the fly to the desired output format. This makes file management significantly easier for the user while ensuring that last minute file additions will play out properly – even with a mismatched format. Beyond format flexibility, ClipFire shines as a “swiss army knife” for the broadcast engineer, operating equally effectively as a complete channel-in-a-box solution, or as a piece of a larger workflow. Whether you need a dedicated playout engine, media asset manager, scheduling solution, a live interface for directing all media operations, or any combination of these, ClipFire can handle it with ease.

While the playout features often take the spotlight, ClipFire isn’t just for playing out recorded video clips: it can manage live video inputs from cameras, routers, or a production switcher and seamlessly switch between the inputs and recorded content. Building on its file-based flexibility, ClipFire supports a range of live inputs including SD, HD, 3G-SDI, and over the network using the NDI® protocol. Create switcher commands and add them to your playlist to completely automate your production. 

ClipFire is a complete automated playout system that adapts to your needs and provides a robust solution for any task from scheduling to switching. When it’s time to upgrade your video production tools, look to ClipFire.

Product Specs