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TitleBox Neo from PlayBox Technology is a complex and incredibly user-friendly on-air CG and graphics manager. It allows you to make and save various static or dynamic objects like rolls, crawls, multi-layered simultaneous still images, analog and digital clocks, animated logos, etc. These can be easily used for direct broadcasting or for future use as customized templates.  

TitleBox Neo is an interactive graphics manager that generates, shows and manages captivating multi-zone screens with rolls, crawls, animations clocks, station logos, 3D objects, and many more. It is ideal for broadcasting and cable TV channels digital signage systems and public and private facilities like schools, colleges, universities, business entities, corporations, retail, shopping malls, churches, airports, hotels, holiday resorts, theme parks, etc. Furthermore, TitleBox Neo has a Scheduler that allows you to start items at different times from previously created tasks. 

TitleBox Neo provides on-air graphics that can be interactively controlled. You can enable multi-layer simultaneous crawls, rolls, animated icons, clocks and text templates with a click of the mouse. TitleBox provides full on-air command, including text selection, running speed and transitions.

Product Specs

Features and Capabilities

Graphic objects – All objects can run simultaneously with no limitations 

Crawls – Horizontally running text messages 

Rolls – Vertically rolling credits and messages

Animations – Channel logos, animated backgrounds, etc. (TGA sequence; Animated GIF; Flash animations) 

Text – Still text labels. Could have background pictures, color or transparent background. 

Pictures -Still graphics 

Clock – Analogue and digital clock; countdowns; timers 

Banners – Still graphics slideshows with various transitions

Chat Lines – Chat-like text objects with automated horizontally scrolling text. It is designed to work with file links. Additional properties to display current chat only, last 5 chats, 

Chat role – Chat-like text objects with automated vertically scrolling text. It is designed to work with file links. Additional properties to display current chat only, last 5 chats,

Chat note – Still chat-like text objects. It is designed to work with file links. 

DirectShow Media – Additional properties are available for user-friendly chat presentation. 

Desktop Windows – A video source or file can be displayed into a window Partial or entire Windows desktop display 

Web Browser  -Shows web site content 

Shapes  -Various graphics primitives

System Requirements

Single Intel Core i7 CPU; Dual Intel Xeon CPU

16 gigabyte (GB) RAM (single CPU); 32 gigabyte (GB) RAM (dual CPU)

500 MB available hard disk space for installation

TV formats

Ultra-High Definition 2160p25, 2160p30

High Definition 1080i, 720p

Standard Definition PAL and NTSC

Video Boards

DeckLink Duo, DeckLink 4K Extreme , DeckLink 4K Pro, DeckLink 4K Extreme, DeckLink SDI 4K, DeckLink Studio 4K, DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G, Decklink Duo 2

Corvid 3G, Corvid 22, Corvid 44 , Corvid 88

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