BRIC-Link III is a work-horse codec, ready to handle everything from a studio-transmitter link to a home studio connection.

Featuring our proprietary CrossLock VPN technology, BRIC-Link is designed for ultra-reliable IP transmission of high-quality, low-delay audio. Perfect for point-to-point connections, streaming, and more, our entry-level IP audio codec offers versatility in a small package.

Now with a new, more powerful processor for improved performance and enhanced front panel for easy contact closure firing and auto-connects.

BRIC-Link III can be used for a wide range of applications. From STLs, to home studios, to voice-over, BRIC-Link III provides a reliable connection to make sure your audio is delivered in high quality. 

Audio Coding

For users concerned about delay and coding artifacts, BRIC-Link III offers a robust stereo or mono linear mode that does not compress audio. BRIC-Link III is also the only real-time audio codec to offer FLAC lossless compression. Additionally, BRIC-Link III offers AAC/HE-AAC modes as standard, along with Opus, and VoIP standards G.722 and G.711.

User Interface

BRIC-Link III’s HTML-5 based user interface makes it easy to configure your codec, manage connections and adjust settings from a browser. The page displays connection status, extensive network diagnostics, and audio level meters for remote monitoring. From any location, users are able to configure profiles for various connections with point-and-click connection commands.

Streaming Server Mode

BRIC-Link III can function as a streaming server, delivering multiple streams to computer based media players that support HE-AAC – up to 40 streams over a T1 Internet connection at once. BRIC-Link III also offers the ability to act as a source feed for both SHOUTcast and Icecast servers – with a single BRIC-Link III, you can expand your radio presence to the Internet without the need for a dedicated PC.

Product Specs

Audio Connections

  • Balanced stereo XLR line-level audio input/output (0dBu)
  • AES3 XLR digital audio I/O (through L XLR I/O when switched)
  • Front panel 3.5 mm headphone jack output
  • L & R tri color LEDs display audio level

Other Connections

  • Ethernet port (1000baseT)
  • Contact closures (9-pin mini DIN)
  • Serial RS-232 (8-pin mini DIN)
  • USB port for attaching a USB-to-Ethernet adapter for dual networks
  • Power (4 pin connector for external 15V 1A DC supply)


  • Size (8.5” W x 6.25” D x 1.75” H; 21.59 cm W x 15.88 cm H x 4.45 cm H)
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