iPort High Density Multi-Codec Gateway

Telos Alliance


Telos® iPort is a Multi-Codec Gateway designed on an IP backbone that is used by broadcasters worldwide, featuring built-in resilience and reliability even with challenging connections. Worldwide networks use iPort for both Distribution and Contribution spanning multiple time zones. 

Now, the iPort legacy continues with the more powerful iPort High Density, which transports multiple channels of stereo, mono, and dual-mono audio across IP networks, including private WANs, IP-radio links, and over good quality Public Internet connections—perfect for large-scale distribution of audio to single or multiple locations.

iPort High Density is the workhorse of codecs and comes with eight bi-directional stereo codecs, configurable to run in MPEG or Linear PCM mode.  You can license additional codecs up to a maximum of 64, as well as add Enhanced aptX™ encoding. iPort High Density connects to your existing Livewire® Network using a single ethernet cable (CAT-6 recommended) for all I/O. It can also pair with Telos Alliance xNodes via an adequately configured ethernet switch for use as a standalone multi-stream codec.

Coding algorithms include AAC, AAC-LD, HE-AAC (plus v2), MP2, MP3, linear PCM, and optional Enhanced aptX™. 24 to 320 kbps for MPEG codecs, standard fixed rates for Enhanced aptX™, and 24-bit PCM at 48kHz, mono, or stereo are supported. Dual, diverse-path, end-to-end connections are available for ultra-reliability and redundancy. Built-in streaming servers use SHOUTcast/ICEcast formatting at the output.

iPort High Density offers MPEG-standard ancillary data transport, up to three transparent control and metadata channels per codec and direction, and enhanced GPIO options with up to 20 end-to-end GPIO channels per codec and direction, all bundled and synchronized with the respective audio content. An optional Content Delay feature allows independent local storage and scheduled delayed playout of any or all coded audio channels.

Product Specs



iPort High Density has no native audio I/O, operating on streams provided by attached Livewire+ AES67 audio devices. For full audio specifications, see the Telos Alliance xNode page.   


1 LAN port, 1 WAN port; 100/1000-BaseT Ethernet interfaces


Standard AAC, high-efficiency AAC-HE (aacPlus), AAC-HEv2, low-delay AAC-LD, MP3, MP2. Optional: Enhanced aptX™.


Dual-redundant internal auto-ranging power supplies, 90 – 132 / 187 – 264 VAC, 50Hz/60Hz.

Power consumption: 100 Watts.


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