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You Don’t Need Powers, You Just Need to be Human: Generative AI in VFX (1412)

Chris Del Conte

Amazon Studios -- Global Head of VFX

Gretchen Libby

Amazon Web Services (AWS) -- Director, AWS Specialists, Media & Entertainment

Samuel Reid

Untold Studios -- Head of Technology

Michael Wolfson

Untold Studios -- COO

Entertainment production companies and creative studios are doing cutting-edge work with generative AI – both adding to the services they can make available to their production teams and customers, and creating tools for their pipelines that make new things possible in film and television. Artists and other creatives are embracing tools to support the creative process and achieve the vision of their productions, while technologists are realizing the gains of new ways to build increasingly complex workflows. The current state of these new technologies is beginning to help studios win on both the top line and the bottom line – and allowing a larger focus on creativity.


  • Chris Del Conte, Global Head of VFX, Amazon Studios
  • Gretchen Libby, Director, AWS Specialists, Media & Entertainment, AWS
  • Samuel Reid, Head of Technology, Untold Studios
  • Michael Wolfson, COO, Untold Studios