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The Making of ‘Cowgirls on the Moon’ (1418)

Ron Ames

The Modern Film Consortium -- Producer/Founder

Alex Jenyon

DNEG360 / Dimension Studios -- Virtual Art Department Supervisor
Katrina King

Katrina King

Amazon Web Services (AWS) -- Global Strategy Leader for Content Production

Walter Schulz

Cuebric -- VFX Director

In this session, panelists share how generative AI-assisted virtual production, AWS Deadline Cloud-powered VFX and rendering, and a holistic studio in the cloud came together to create a faux movie trailer for “Cowgirls on the Moon.” Hear from panelists representing The Modern Film Consortium, DNEG 360, Dimension, and Cuebric to learn how they put together a workflow comprising the newest technologies in production in order to demonstrate the art of the possible in modern filmmaking.


  • Ron Ames, Producer/Founder, The Modern Film Consortium
  • Alex Jenyon, Virtual Art Department Supervisor, DNEG360 / Dimension Studios
  • Katrina King, Global Strategy Leader – Content Production, Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Walter Schulz, VFX Director, Cuebric