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The Opportunities and Challenges of Free Ad-Supported Streaming TV (FAST) (1174)

Bethany Atchison

Bethany Atchison

Vevo -- Vice President of Distribution Partnerships

Gavin Bridge

CRG Global -- Vice President of Media Research

Michael Hyon Johnson

Electric Entertainment -- Director of Operations

Dan Marshall

Amagi -- EVP, Global SaaS Sales

Bill Caudill

Allen Media Group -- VP Content Partnerships

In a rapidly evolving media landscape, traditional television is being overshadowed by innovative streaming solutions. FAST is one of these innovations, and has surprised many with its rapid growth in the last few years. This session with leading executives from the FAST space will examine the opportunities and challenges of running a FAST channel, such as content curation, personalization, discovery, loyalty, optimization, localization, and monetization. The panel will also discuss the role and responsibility of platforms and publishers in delivering value to viewers and advertisers, and in fostering a healthy and diverse FAST ecosystem. The end result for attendees will be a greater understanding of what FAST is and, if not yet a participant, provide insights as to why FAST could be part of your media strategy.

Also during this session, Gavin Bridge from CRG Global presents the report “A Beginner’s Guide to FAST,” produced in partnership with NAB Amplify.


  • Bethany Atchison, Vice President of Distribution Partnerships, Vevo
  • Gavin Bridge, Vice President of Media Research, CRG Global
  • Michael Hyon Johnson, Director of Operations, Electric Entertainment
  • Dan Marshall, EVP, Global SaaS Sales, Amagi
  • Bill Caudill, VP Content Partnerships, Allen Media Group