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Storage Demo: EditShare FLEX and MediaSilo

Headshot of Stephen Tallamy, CTO, EditShare

Stephen Tallamy

EditShare -- CTO

In this Demo Days exclusive, EditShare CTO Stephen Tallamy demonstrates FLEX, EditShare’s turnkey MAM and storage in the cloud.

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FLEX is EditShare’s turnkey MAM and storage in the cloud. It brings together EFS Media Optimized Storage and FLOW Media Management with built-in file acceleration and comprehensive workstation management, offering a straightforward way to take full advantage of cloud services and workflows.

MediaSilo is EditShare’s cloud-native light asset management and video collaboration HQ. It acts as the collaboration conduit between video creatives and non-creatives for files throughout the production pipeline. Videos, stills, pdfs and other documents can be uploaded, tagged, shared and reviewed by key internal and external stakeholders.

New integration between EditShare’s FLOW and MediaSilo provides access to all of the tools in MediaSilo, such as reviewing and annotating, sharing with other team members outside of the production team using external links and watermarking, keeping content safe and secure.

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About Stephen Tallamy
Stephen Tallamy is an Emmy Award-winning technology leader with significant experience across the media and entertainment industry. He has pioneered cloud and hybrid systems for both media delivery and production industries. As EditShare’s CTO, Stephen is responsible for both the product strategy and technical direction across the portfolio of innovative media solutions. Stephen holds patents in the areas of metadata management, intelligent video content generation and video access control.

About EditShare
EditShare is an Emmy Award-winning technology leader supporting storytellers through collaborative media workflows across on-premise, cloud and hybrid architectures. The market-leading open software solutions and robust APIs improve workflow collaboration, third-party integrations and content sharing across the entire production chain. Designed specifically for media applications, the high performance line-up provides shared storage, archiving and backup, and intelligent media asset management.

Through a merger with Shift Media, EditShare also now integrates tools for content review and distribution, the creation of customized, branded pitch reels, and secure preview of high-value pre-release content.