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Cloud Storage Demo: Storj Distributed S3 Compatible Storage

Headshot Dominick Marino, Storj

Dominick Marino

Storj -- Senior Solution Architect

Storj: Your data, everywhere, quickly.

Traditional cloud storage has notable limitations for video sharing and storage, including cost, performance, and security concerns. Join Dominick Marino, Senior Solutions Architect at Storj, in this insightful Demo Days video, as he explores distributed data storage as a compelling alternative for the media industry.

Discover how Storj empowers pre and post-production teams with dependable, high-performance data storage, addressing the complexities and drawbacks of conventional storage providers. Storj, the world’s first open-source, distributed cloud storage and data delivery solution, prioritizes privacy and security by design while offering unmatched global performance at a fraction of AWS’s cost.

Seamlessly compatible with a wide range of workflow and media management solutions, Storj simplifies media asset storage and delivery, making it cost-effective and efficient. Your media assets are instantly accessible, irrespective of location. Storj is cloud storage reimagined.

For more information, visit or explore GigaOm’s comprehensive report: gigaom-use-case-scenario-for-decentralized-object-storage-for-video.pdf