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PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Advertising (1293)

Thasso Griebel

Thasso Griebel

castLabs -- Technical Lead of Player Development

PRESTOplay for Addressable TV Advertising, an extension of castLabs PRESTOplay suite, enhances existing hybrid video player SDKs to support the upcoming next generation of ad-insertion technology—currently referred to Client-Side/Server Guided Ad Insertion by the Industry (SGAI). This offering provides a transformative approach to ad insertion in streaming media, leveraging HLS Interstitials and DASH MPD Insertion events. It optimizes the end-to-end ad insertion performance and end user experience. This ensures a scalable, efficient and streamlined process for ad insertion, making PRESTOplay a powerful tool for everybody aiming to increase ad revenues while maintaining a superior viewer experience.


  • Thasso Griebel, Technical Lead of Player Development, castLabs