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openGear Week: Ross Video

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openGear®️ is a registered trademark of Ross Video Ltd.

Any-to-Any HD/ UHD/ HDR Conversion, Master Control & IP Applications + DashBoard Session

Learn how you can leverage openGear and UHD-SDI to build a state-of-the-art experience.

Why UHD-SDI? Ross Video says it remains one of the best choices for applications of any size due to its reliability value, its ease of use, and will continue to do so for many years to come. Ross continues to build out its12 gig and UHD-SDI portfolio, which includes the Gator Toolbox format and frame rate converter, frame sync, and HDR solution, as well Ross’ MC1 UHD branding and master control.

No UHD solution is complete without some very high density, 12 gig SDI distribution apps, such as Ross’ 8900 Series. The session will also cover the newest edition to its 12 gig portfolio, the AMX-8952 audio embedding, de-embedding, and frame syncs solution.

What is openGear? 

Ross Video says openGear is the industry standard platform of choice for modular signal processing. As the first modular infrastructure platform open to other manufacturers, openGear provides solutions derived from hundreds of individual cards from dozens of companies. This cooperative effort gives users best of breed product and budget options, all while ensuring common control and monitoring within the DashBoard ecosystem. 

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