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End-to-End Production in the Cloud With Real-Time Collaboration

Mike Bott headshot

Mike Bott

Hammerspace Principal Systems Engineer
Matt Herson

Matthew Herson

Like Minded Labs Director of Solutions
Dan Olds

Dan Olds Olds

360 Research Chief Research Officer Intersect
Brad Winett

Brad Winett

TrackIt President


Content production for film, broadcast, gaming, and other media inevitably requires multiple touchpoints involving different artists, applications, storage types, and locations to create a finished product.

But far too often productions are bottlenecked by the limitations at the infrastructure layer.

Data gets siloed into various on premises or cloud storage locations that can be both physically and logically very different. As a result, administrators need to move data from one storage type/location to another, or to burst to cloud-based compute/storage resources, or to simply provide local online access to artists who may be remote from the production offices. Each of these problems interrupts users, limits production output, and adds time and cost.

Watch this discussion to learn:

  • Ways to elevate an intelligent, online working space above the infrastructure layer.
  • Leverage the power of metadata to provide universal high-performance access to artists/applications, no matter where they reside, to data that may live on any storage type anywhere, including on-prem and cloud resources from any vendor.
  • Real-world examples of how doing so has accelerated production workflows, reduced costs, and enabled workflows to seamlessly take advantage of compute/storage resources anywhere, transparently, to users who may be anywhere.