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Migrate Those Legacy Systems: Keep the Lights On, Cut Your Costs and Transform Your Business (1053)

Chris Birkinshaw

Merapar UK -- Technology Principal

Mike Buckley

Merapar USA -- VP Operations

Every company in the media and entertainment value chain is struggling with the accelerating risk of systemic failure of critical legacy systems and infrastructure. Kit is getting old and unsustainable; monolithic software stacks are fragile, painfully difficult to enhance and wildly expensive. Product development, the lifeblood of a vibrant company, is static and difficult. The cloud offers a lot, but CTOs and CFOs are wary of the varied risks of major transformation programs. Migration to the cloud, with all the benefits of scalability, speed and functionality, comes with project risk, total cost uncertainty and new talent challenges. Monolithic systems can quickly turn into monolithic teams. In this session Merapar will explore some of these topics and consider agile strategies for the progressive transformation of retirement-age systems to the cloud. Merapar will look at how to build performant auto scaling solutions optimally with cloud economics a primary focus. This session will also consider the value of Merapar Development Kits to accelerate product development while maintaining customer control.


  • Chris Birkinshaw, Technology Principal, Merapar UK
  • Mike Buckley, VP Operations, Merapar USA