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Getting Ready for Ultra HD on All Devices (797)

Yuriy Reznik

Brightcove -- VP Research

Ben Schwarz

Ultra HD Forum / Greening of Streaming -- Volunteer Secretariat

Aytac Biber

Qualcomm -- Director of Product Management

Felix Nemirovsky

Dolby -- Solutions Architect

Ian Nock

Fairmile West -- Interoperability Expert

Professional Ultra HD production has taken almost a decade to mature to the point that in 2024, quality live production is becoming commonplace. But what does it mean that HDR and other Ultra HD technologies are now becoming ubiquitous in consumer devices? Are further industry efforts, such as maybe consumer-oriented guidelines, needed to ensure a seamless experience moving forward?


  • Yuriy Reznik, VP Research, Brightcove
  • Ben Schwarz, Volunteer Secretariat, Ultra HD Forum / Greening of Streaming
  • Aytac Biber, Director of Product Management, Qualcomm
  • Felix Nemirovsky, Solutions Architect, Dolby
  • Ian Nock, Interoperability Expert, Fairmile West