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Extra! Extra! AI to Stand Trial for Crimes Against Creativity! (1234)

Matt Hanna

Megan Chao

Birman Productions Inc. -- VP, Development and Production

Irad Eyal

Quickture and Haymaker West -- Founder

Erick Geisler

Global Objects -- CTO

Todd Terrazas

Get ready to witness the trial of the century as AI faces charges for “Conspiracy to Conformity in Content Creation.” Brace yourselves as our silicon-based pal stands accused of masterminding the heist of creativity, leaving the digital realm drowning in a sea of yawn-inducing, cookie-cutter content! Come watch as the prosecution attempts to pin the blame on our binary buddy for aiding and abetting creators in unleashing an epidemic of slapdash mediocrity. The defense will no doubt counter with arguments that AI is just a virtual scapegoat innocently crunching numbers while humans take all the creative credit. Can AI clear its cache and walk away with nothing but a circuitry slap on the wrist? Join us and hear our expert witnesses (below), their testimony will likely provide more twists and turns than a glitchy algorithm on a rollercoaster ride!


  • Moderator/Judge Matt Hanna
  • Megan Chao, VP, Development and Production, Birman Productions Inc.
  • Irad Eyal, Founder, Quickture and Haymaker West
  • Erick Geisler, CTO, Global Objects
  • Todd Terrazas,