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AI in the Newsroom: The Good, Bad, and What’s Ahead for the Industry (926)

Judy Parnall

BBC -- Head of Standards & Industry

Christina Hartman

Scripps News -- VP, News Standards and Editorial Operations

Mohamed Moawad

Al Jazeera Channel -- Managing Editor

Scott Zabielski

Channel 1 -- Chief Content Officer

Scott Ehrlich

Sinclair -- CIO

Artificial intelligence (AI) has quickly become a part of our daily lives. AI is about to impact the news business this year significantly. From how news stories and videos are created to on-camera talent and how consumers get their news, the most significant change in the history of the news business is now taking place. Join the pioneers of these new AI technologies and well-established industry leaders for a spirited discussion about what lies ahead for our industry.


  • Judy Parnall, Head of Standards & Industry, BBC
  • Scott Ehrlich, CIO, Sinclair
  • Christina Hartman, VP, News Standards and Editorial Operations, Scripps News
  • Mohamed Moawad, Managing Editor, Al Jazeera Channel
  • Scott Zabielski, Chief Content Officer, Channel 1