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Democratizing Media Ingest Workflows for Media Professionals: On the Cloud and Beyond with MASV & AWS (1083)

Majed Alhajry

MASV -- Chief Technology Officer

Matt Timmons

CineSys -- SVP Media Workflows

MASV showcases how it is transforming file-based media workflows by opening up AWS cloud access through powerful and user-friendly web interfaces and automation tools, allowing media experts of any technical background to leverage the power of cloud for rapid and secure video file delivery and ingest. Discover how MASV’s simplicity, reliability and speed facilitate the flow of petabytes of media files smoothly through AWS, supported by a compelling customer case study. MASV will also preview its upcoming storage gateway feature, which promises to bridge the gap between cloud and on-premises workflows and further streamline production and remote-production pipelines.


  • Majed Alhajry, Chief Technology Officer, MASV
  • Matt Timmons, SVP Media Workflows, CineSys