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Building Your Personal Brand on Instagram and LinkedIn (1414)

Leslie Morgan

Hidden Pigeon Company -- Head of Digital

Avi Gandhi

Creator Logic + Partner with Creators -- Founder

Jim Louderback

Inside the Creator Economy -- Publisher

Char Modelle

Brand Social Consulting -- Founder

Whether you’re a creator, business owner or executive, having a robust, clear and actionable brand is an absolute must. This session brings together top experts on LinkedIn and Instagram to share insights on how to package yourself, build a presence and build a community. You’ll learn actionable insight to help you define your niche, build your expertise, grow your base and then how to leverage and monetize your personal brand for professional growth and increased revenue.


  • Moderator Leslie Morgan, Head of Digital, Hidden Pigeon Company
  • Avi Gandhi, Founder, Creator Logic + Partner with Creators
  • Jim Louderback, Editor and Publisher, Inside the Creator Economy
  • Char Modelle, Founder, Brand Social Consulting