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Legal Landmines on Social Media: What Every Creator Needs to Know NOW! (718)

Jim Louderback

Inside the Creator Economy -- Publisher

Tyler Chou

Tyler Chou Law for Creators -- Founder & CEO

Are you unwittingly breaking the law with your online content? Top creator economy lawyers explore the legal traps that many TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn and other creators fall into. This explosive session will cover hot-button issues like copyright infringement, fair use controversies, the ever-changing FTC disclosure requirements, and the hidden dangers in brand deals. Learn about protecting intellectual property, understanding contracts, and navigating the legal landscape of digital content creation. Discover the shocking legal truths behind viral content and avoid costly lawsuits. And learn how to protect yourself, your creative output and your company from unscrupulous brands, agents, platforms and “partners.”


  • Moderator Jim Louderback, Editor and Publisher, Inside the Creator Economy
  • Tyler Chou, Founder, Tyler Chou Law for Creators