Videosolutions Group is a Canadian Manufacturer of Teleprompters, Video Switchers, Camera Cranes, Tripods, Pedestals, Monitors, Multiviewers, Fiber Optic Equipment, HD & SD SDI Signal Processing Equipment & Mini-Converters, and Mobile Video Studios with more than 25 years of experience in development, manufacturing and distribution of professional TV equipment for wide range of TV and video studios ranging from Home Studio to Broadcasting TV Stations.

The product line has about 100+ different very cost-effective products, including: Teleprompters, Video Mixers (Video Switchers) “Odyssey”, Multiviewers, Mini-Converters of Different Signal Types (SDI, HDMI, Fiber optic, DV etc.), Camera Cranes, Monitors and other equipment. The entire range of manufactured devices is based on multi-tasking principles and multi format compatibility. See more products on our website www.vsgp.com and in our teleprompters online store at https://shop.vsgp.com/

The company’s motto: “Maximum Quality for Minimum Cost”.

We also provide consulting, AV & broadcast systems design and integration services and Worlwdie distribution of various broadcast equipment through our subsidiary system integration and distribution company Diantis System House http://diantis.ca/ 

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