Sonifex is a U.K. manufacturer of high-quality audio equipment for broadcast/radio/TV and AV integration/installed sound. New Dante audio products by Sonifex: the AVN-DIO10 is an SDI to Dante® Embedder/De-Embedder in a single product solution. It is a convenient and elegant method of connecting legacy 3G/HD/SD-SDI equipment to the Dante® AoIP audio network. The AVN-DIO10 takes any SDI feed, de-embeds the 16 audio channels and places them on channels 1-16 of the Dante network. It simultaneously takes the 16 input channels mapped to the device on Dante Controller and re-embeds them onto the SDI output, with an embed enable switch for each channel pair. https://www.sonifex.co.uk/avn/avn-dio10.shtml The New AVN range of Dante Multi-Channel Dante® Audio Interfaces convert balanced analogue or AES3 inputs and outputs to Dante AoIP. For analogue I/O, 4 and 8 channels bidirectionally, 16 channel inputs and 16 channel outputs are catered for. On these analogue products, global line up level can be set for inputs and outputs. For AES3 there is an 8 stereo channel bidirectional interface. All analogue and AES3 models can be ordered with either single or dual redundant Dante ports. Simple to configure and operate, these cost effective rack-mount solutions offer an easy solution for AV professionals and system integrators. https://www.sonifex.co.uk/category/aoip/index.shtml The new AVN-CU2-DANTE & AVN-CU4-DANTE commentary units act as configurable 16 x 16 mixers to provide ultimate flexibility in commentary situations. https://www.sonifex.co.uk/avn/avn-cu2-dante.shtml The DIO Audiophile Dante® enabled interfaces are analogue, AES3, microphone and headphone interfaces which use higher quality D/A and A/D converters to give a dynamic range of >120dB and an analogue performance 10 times better than competing products. They use Dante Controller, have PoE power and rugged Neutrik EtherCon® and Neutrik lockable audio connectors for ultra-reliable connectivity.

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