Electronics Research, Inc is a company focused on serving the needs of the terrestrial radio and television broadcasters with antennas, transmission line, RF components and structural products. The company is focuses on providing high quality and sophisticated engineering solutions to customer problems.

ERI Products and Services include: ~ UHF and VHF Television Broadcast Antennas ~ Single and Multi-Station FM Broadcast Antennas ~ Television and FM Broadcast Filters and Combiners ~ Rigid Coaxial Transmission Line ~ Rectangular and Circular Waveguide ~ Broadcast Master Distributor for CommScope HELIAX® products and accessories

Structural products: ~ Guyed towers ~ Self-supporting towers ~ Antenna support poles ~ Specialty structures ~ Lambda™ Antenna Mounting System ~ Grounding and lightning protection products ~ Gin Poles

Structural services: ~ Site inspection services ~ Tower installation ~ Tower rescue services ~ Structural analysis services ~ Engineering field support ~ Antenna test range facilities ~ Tower field service ~ Tower reinforcement design and installation services

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