Rigid Coaxial Transmission Line

ERI-Electronics Research, Inc.

MaCXLine® rigid coaxial line with bellows is available from ERI in sizes from 3-1/8 inch through 8-3/16 inch. ERI also offers STDLine for interior and short run applications, both flanged and unflanged components from 7/8 inch through 8-3/16 inch sizes. 1329Line is an aluminum outer conductor rigid line product that uses MACXLine inner conductors and is an economical and lighter weight alternative to traditional copper/brass rigid line. 

Product Specs

Rigid Line Common Specifications

7/8-inch, 50-ohm        CU               99.8%      6000 MHz      41 kW      6 kV D.C.

1-5/8-inch, 50-ohm     CU and AL    99.8%      3000 MHz     150 kW     11 kV D.C.

3-1/8-inch, 50-ohm     CU and AL    99.8%      1600 MHz     440 kW     19 kV D.C.

4-1/16-inch, 50-ohm   CU and AL    99.8%      1262 MHz      710 kW     24 kV D.C.

6-1/8-inch, 50-ohm     CU and AL    99.8%      806 MHz      1500 kW     35 kV D.C.

6-1/8-inch, 75-ohm     CU and AL    99.8%      830 MHz      1060 kW     36 kV D.C.

7-3/16-inch, 75-ohm   CU               99.8%      752 MHz      1430 kW     42 kV D.C.

8-3/16-inch, 75-ohm   CU               99.8%       698 MHz     1800 kW     47 kV D.C.

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