Reality Engine | Real-time Node-based Compositing System

Zero Density

Real-time Broadcast Compositing System

  • Hyper-realistic rendering and compositing in Unreal Engine
  • Create, control, produce in one system
  • Real-time Native 4K/UHD/SDI production

Reality Engine® uses Unreal Engine by Epic Games, the most photo-realistic real-time game engine, as the 3D renderer. With the advanced real-time visual effects capabilities, Reality System ensures the most photo-realistic composite output possible.

As a unique approach in the market, in Reality, green screen image is composited with graphics in 3D scene. This technique results in real-time realistic reflections and refractions of the physical objects and the people inside the green screen on top of the graphics. Also blooming effects and lens flares are composited over the real elements. All of the compositing is made in 16 bit floating point, for HDR precision.

Product Specs