ProBoom® Ultima® Gen 2 Ultra Low Profile Adjustable Mic Boom with a 12” Fixed Horizontal Arm and Machined Table Bushing (ULP-MB-13)


The Ultima® Gen2 Ultra Low Profile Adjustable Mic Boom allows your voice talent to be both heard and seen. Reducing the visual clutter of traditional mic arms, this mic boom hugs the work surface. Interviewers can see their guests and computer screens—not the mic arms. The arm supports microphones between 1-5lbs.. It offers versatile design, smooth installation, dependable use, and easy expansion. That’s what makes Ultima® the world’s best mic and monitor arm. (Note: This product is not compatible with the First Generation of Ultima® Products.)

Product Specs

Features include:

  • Ultima® Gen2 Ultra Low Profile Adjustable Mic Boom with a 12” fixed horizontal arm
  • 1-5lb. Weight Rating
  • Includes all necessary tools for adjustment and installation
  • Machined Table Bushing (13mm ID) Included
  • Black finish
  • 5 Year Mechanical Warranty

*Not Compatible with First Generation of Ultima® Products*

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