For more than a hundred and thirty eight years, O.C. White Co. has been a family-owned, Massachusetts-based business building technology to support a wide range of industries, including broadcast.


In today’s social media landscape, video has come to recording studios and radio stations. On YouTube or Facebook, audio talent are now often seen, as well as heard. To respond, we redesigned our arms from top to bottom and released the game-changing ProBoom® Ultima® Ultra Low Profile (ULP) modular microphone mounting system. These mic arms hug the console and rise up to meet the announcers. Installation is simple, and operation is a dream—smooth, silent, and dependable.


We also have a similar, more heavy-duty system that can be configured to hold multiple monitors (Ultima® SMS), or a combination of mics and monitors. In both products, the arms are designed to hide cabling and the tension can be adjusted to make movement fluid and precise. When you find the perfect position, the microphone or monitor stays in place.


For those just starting out: breaking into podcasting and audio recording shouldn’t break the bank. In late 2019, O.C. White Co. introduced the Podcast Pro by Accu-Lite®, and it’s become a best seller. This arm has the same silent and reliable operation as its companion products, and comes with a built-in XLR cable and table edge c-clamp. Combine the Podcast Pro® with your favorite mic and mixing console, and you’re ready to go! This year, we’re adding a silver option to this line (AL-MBP1-S).


Finally, if our existing product line doesn’t meet your exact needs, O.C. White Co.’s decades of experience as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) means we can work with you to find a solution that does. Working with all kinds of industries to find lasting solutions, our team’s contacts among engineers, manufacturers, and suppliers assure you the best resources will be employed to meet your needs.


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