Podcast Pro® by Accu-Lite® (AL-MBP1)


Broadcast quality on a podcasters’ budget! Your podcast is taking off. Every week there’s tons to do: schedule, record, edit, post, promote—and repeat. Every week. When you hit the record button, the last thing you want to worry about is a squeaky mic boom that won’t stay in place. High-end booms are expensive; is there an affordable option for podcasters?


With a design based on what’s used in many professional recording studios today, the Podcast Pro® is exactly what podcasters have been looking for—a handsome, easily adjustable, squeak-free mic arm for a price that deserves a double take. The XLR cabling and connectors are already in place, hidden within the arm to reduce clutter of your recording space. Tighten the included clamp to your tabletop, mount the mic boom pin into the clamp, attach your console and microphone (not included), and you’re ready to record. Introduced in 2019, these mic arms have become a best-seller; new this year, we present a silver version (AL-MBP1-S).

Product Specs

An affordable Mic Boom Bundle for podcasters! 

Since the 1950s, when O.C. White partnered with RCA to create a new, more versatile mic arm, we have been leaders in the designing solutions for recording studios that are ergonomic and simple to set up. Our ProBoom Ultima®  series of mic arms are used by national sportscasters and radio personalities. To respond to the needs of startup podcasters, we built the Podcast Pro™. Discover why this affordable microphone arm for podcasters is one of our hottest items.

The bundle includes:

  • a black microphone arm
  • a table edge c-clamp
  • a pre-terminated cable (9” of cable at the front and 6’ at the end) with a male and female XLR connector.

Arm holds microphones that weigh approximately between 1.4 and 2.5 lb. Ready to use right out of the box. Just clamp to your table, attach your microphone, and hit record. One year warranty.

NOTE: As the Podcast Pro® is our pre-assembled, all-in-one model, it is designed to be ready-to-go out of the box with no configuration required. The XLR cabling is built into the arm, and it is not meant to be removed. Similarly, the boom’s tension is pre-determined at the factory and cannot be altered. Need to use your own XLR, or alter spring tensions if your setup is not within the designed weight rating? We recommend you look at our ProBoom® Elite®  series of products designed for these features.

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