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From archiving, organizing, and collaborating and sharing, MediaVault is a media workflow automation solution engineered to handle all of your media needs. Accelerate your operation by creating powerful automated media workflows limited only by your imagination. MediaVault’s powerful metadata technologies include speech-to-text, OCR, video and audio recognition, CC processing, and the latest in AI, and ensure all of your content is catalogued and searchable. MediaVault’s powerful search engine searches millions of records in under a second, making all of your media when and where you need it. MediaVault’s 3rd party interfaces include AP ENPS, Avid iNews, Adobe Creative Cloud, storage devices, and more. Remotely upload content and access MediaVault from the field while having peace of mind that your media is safe and secure.

Product Specs


• Digitize legacy videotapes to create a digital database with metadata

• Archive news content with scripts 

• Create intelligent transcoding workflows

• Add or remove closed-captioning from media files

• Create collaborative editing workflows

• Media submission workflow with approval process

• Automate repetitive and timeconsuming media related tasks