Keep tabs on your precious media and footage with cloud our on-site storage solutions through MediaVault. Secure your files without locking yourself out. MediaVaul is the choice for a high-performance, cost-effective archive solution. This is beyond just digital asset or production asset management, but an all-inclusive solution built using cloud-based or physical storage technologies.

Product Specs

Activate the power of your archive through the product features of MediaVaul below.

  • Discover (and rediscover) content. Look through your files quickly and find what you want with accuracy with user logged and media property metadata.

  • Harness the power of AI and OCR for next-level metadata. MediaVault™ uses AI to use speech-to-text and optical character recognition on all footage to help you find the clips you need. 

  • Store and view past newsroom rundowns. Find detailed cue sheets of past broadcasts with easily accessible and searchable newsroom rundowns.  

  • Keep more than just footage. Audio, documents, pdfs, images, and full editing projects are available in just a few keystrokes. 

  • Transcode archival content for easy proxy viewing. No need to load up your high-res raw footage, pull footage from MediaVault™ quickly.

  • Choose your storage system medium. Disk cache, expandable removable media (LTO or BluRay), optical disc drive or cloud storage — the choice is yours. 

  • Select your cloud storage provider. Select from AWS, GCP, or DBi’s own privately hosted cloud storage with expandable storage and offsite backups.

  • Automate processes. Send email notifications upon upload completion, enable easy sharing between team members, and more quality of life upgrades.