HYBRID CLOUD MAM: Proven and scalable


Tedial’s HYBRID-CLOUD solution architecture, based on their innovative aSTORM content management solution, leverages a mixed computing storage and services environment. The solution combines the privacy and security of a private Cloud with the scalability of a public Cloud enhancing the orchestration among various platforms and multiple sites. A HYBRID-CLOUD architecture offers broadcasters the ability to meet business objectives quickly while maintaining full control of media archives and costs and ensuring a low-risk transition into the cloud by moving the operation in-line with business needs.

To maximise hybrid-cloud capabilities, users need a dynamic content management solution that transparently manages various tiers across departments, locations or in the cloud. This includes on-premise live storage, nearline storage, deep archive tape libraries or public cloud storage such as AWS S3, AWS S3 Glacier Deep Archive or Microsoft Azure Blob Storage.  Sensitive data and valuable content can remain secured on-premises under company control in a safe IT environment with multiple security layers.

Product Specs

Web-based user interfaces can be used anywhere, anytime giving customers access to Tedial’s platform remotely whether it’s an on-prem, hybrid or full cloud solution.

Tedial’s aSTORM provides the ‘link’ between various storage and hosting scenarios. Using logical storage groups and rules defined within each group, the technology seamlessly moves, backs-up and restores content when and where required.

The cloud can also be used to host AI processes. Critical workflows would be deployed on-premises while automating metadata tagging with AI would typically be deployed in the cloud. Customers retain full control of their critical workflows and operations while benefiting from the latest cutting-edge cloud features, technologies and infrastructures. 

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