MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway

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The MCX7000 Multi-Carrier Satellite Gateway brings density in hubs and terminals on top of satellite link efficiency. This results in OPEX and CAPEX savings in a multitude of applications. Its density and the support of DVB-S2X gets its full value in distribution networks to towers or head-ends. It is also fit for broadcast contribution applications on standard and HTS spot-beam transponders or for dense DTH uplink stations. In closed video distribution networks, AES encryption of the baseband frames results in extra security on physical layer level.

Product Specs

  • Very high bandwidth efficiency, ease of monitoring and control leads to low total cost of ownership
  • Highest system reliability and service uptime through robust design and industry leading redundancy solutions including seamless switching acc. SMPTE 2022-7 and single carrier switching in a multimodulator 1:1 MCX7000 configuration
  • Future-proof design combining video and IP unicast and multicast multiservice capabilities, supports transport of today´s and tomorrow´s services
  • Configurable as triple demodulator or as 1 modulator + 2 demodulators or as quadruple modulator
  • Channel Bonding modulation for efficient UHD-TV DTH transmissions
  • BISS scrambling and de-scrambling for contribution links
  • Provides a dense solution in a redundant configuration
  • Wideband up to 133 Msps
  • AES encryption and de-encryption of DVB-S2 Baseband frames
  • Fully manageable over-the-air via an in-band channel
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