Varnish Enterprise

Varnish Software

Varnish Enterprise helps the world’s biggest content providers deliver lightning-fast web and streaming experiences to global audiences, without downtime or loss of performance even during huge demand.

A flexible web cache, Varnish Enterprise unlocks unbeatable performance at scale to satisfy every user, while protecting origin servers and lowering resource usage. It is the core technology underpinning three solutions, each optimized for different content delivery challenges: Streaming Server, DIY CDN, and Web and API Acceleration.

What can Varnish Enterprise do?

  • Accelerate content delivery by caching it close to users with a highly configurable reverse proxy.
  • Deliver video live, OTT and on demand with high performance and availability, plus multi-terabyte edge storage.
  • Build customized CDNs using flexible tools to completely control content delivery.
  • Protect critical infrastructure by offloading traffic, to handle more users with less bandwidth.
  • Support unpredictable demand by scaling rapidly to deliver content at speed while protecting servers.
  • Control costs of content delivery by adding edge caching and origin protection to existing CDNs.
  • Simplify and future-proof web architecture with a flexible cach

Product Specs