Magewell Pro Convert NDI encoders and decoders


Magewell’s Pro Convert hardware converters let users reliably bring traditional video signals into and out of live, IP-based production and professional AV infrastructures using NewTek’s popular NDI® technology.

While some new products such as cameras support NDI directly, many customers want to use their current equipment with NDI-compatible software and systems. The Pro Convert family offers easy-to-use, cost-effective and reliable hardware solutions to connect existing acquisition, production, presentation and distribution gear into NDI-enabled video-over-IP workflows.

Pro Convert NDI encoders transform input signals into full-bandwidth NDI streams with extremely low latency and are truly plug-and-play, with automatic input signal format detection and DHCP-based network configuration. Source video is converted at its native resolution and frame rate by default, while a browser-based interface offers advanced control of FPGA-based up/down/cross-conversion, de-interlacing, image adjustments and other video processing.

Pro Convert encoders are available in 4K and 1080p60 models with HDMI or SDI input interfaces. Five Pro Convert Plus models – including the new Pro Convert 12G SDI Plus for single-link 12G-SDI inputs – encode sources into NDI streams and can be switched to serve as NDI decoders, while two Pro Convert TX encoding-only models offer a lower-cost entry point for users not requiring loop-through connections or decoding.

Magewell’s Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI, Pro Convert for NDI to SDI and Pro Convert for NDI to HDMI 4K hardware decoders convert live NDI streams into high-quality HDMI or SDI outputs for connection to baseband devices such as monitors and projectors. This simplifies the use of NDI in presentation applications such as digital signage, video walls and image magnification (IMAG). They can also be paired with NDI encoders to enable long-distance transport of audio, video and power (PoE) over a single IP network cable. In addition to supporting full-bandwidth NDI and high-efficiency NDI|HX for production-grade media transport, Pro Convert NDI decoders also support the Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) protocol for internet-delivered H.264 and H.265 streams.

Product Specs