12G-SDI Video Patchbay – (32MCK-ST / 32MCK-STS)


Our 32MCK-ST / 32MCK-STS – 12G-SDI Video Patchbay’s, are a backup or final means for safety in a routing system. They often face high demand on stable and constant patching connections and contacts. Canare has strategically focused on these essential developments that provide solutions for the latests video formats such as 4K/8K. Made for the A/V professional in mind, this panel will provide consistent results in a complex and demanding setup!

Yes We CANare!


Broadcasting Outdoor Events, OB Van Truck Builders, House of  Worship

Product Specs

●  Fully normalled capabilities. No patch cord or looping plug necessary.
●  1RU, 32ch Across
●  Serial Digital Video (12G-SDI)
●  Return Loss of 4dB or greater @ 12.0GHz
●  Isolation:  45dB or greater @ 6.0GHz 
●  Newly developed touch spring type switch
●  Front connector: Canare original micro video port
●  Dust proof shutter design within the front patch
●  Standard BNC rear connections
●  Panel can be recessed 25mm

Normal Through 32MCK-ST Panel Loaded with MCVJK-STW
Straight Through 32MCK-STS Panel Loaded with MCVJK-STS

Newly designed MCVPCxxx Series Patch Cords available in standard and custom lengths.