Magewell Pro Capture PCIe video capture cards

Cost-effectively delivering outstanding video capture quality, performance and reliability, Magewell’s Pro Capture PCIe cards are available in single, dual and quad-channel models with a flexible choice of input interfaces including HDMI, SDI, DVI, VGA and analog video plus audio.

Multi-channel models offer independent control of resolution, frame rate and processing settings for each input, and each source channel can be routed to multiple software applications in parallel. 4K Pro Capture models support resolutions up to 4096×2160 – including 3840×2160 Ultra HD – with a choice of HDMI, SDI (single-link 12G, dual-link 6G or quad-link 3G) and/or DVI inputs. 

FPGA-based video processing provides high-quality up/down/cross-conversion, image adjustments, graphic overlay and more with zero impact on the host system CPU, maximizing available horsepower for third-party software.

Multiple Pro Capture cards can be used simultaneously in the same system, further increasing multi-channel capture density. Magewell’s universal Pro Capture drivers support Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems, and offer broad compatibility with popular encoding, streaming, live production, web conferencing, lecture capture and medical imaging software. Meanwhile, a comprehensive SDK enables third-party developers to directly leverage the cards’ advanced feature set in their own custom solutions, including High Dynamic Range (HDR) support over HDMI.

Product Specs