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just:live is a live production playout solution for video and real-time graphics. It streamlines the playout of videos and real-time graphics in any live environment while maintaining full control over the production workflow.

With its intuitive, customizable, timeline-based interface, just:live enables broadcasters to manage the attended live playout of videos, multiple layers of real-time graphics and router control/GPI events in a single interface. just:live´s architecture enables the playout control of single or even multiple channels using one control interface. Furthermore, our multi-operator approach empowers multiple users to control a single playout system concurrently.

just:lives´s powerful user interface provides an unlimited, frame-accurate preview of all video items with the option to set new in- and out-points and the ability to split clips for commercial insertion.

Product Specs

Key Features:

  • Full-featured SD, HD, and UHD playout.
  • Manually controlled video and graphics & router events. just:live’s integrated timeline allows operators to build rundown sequences and monitor the progress of currently playing clips.
  • Client-Server application topology to manage and control the playout of videos, multiple layers of real-time graphics, and router control/GPI events manually, in a single interface with multiuser support.
  • Direct trim and split of movies Set in- and out-points and split clips on-the-fly to insert commercials.
  • Pre-built playlist rundown with Advanced finished actions (play next, cue, reload, hold and cue or loop).
  • Mixed resolution playout back-to-back.
  • Last Minute changes for Graphics Templates built with composition:builder.
  • Built-in audio mixing capabilities.
  • Built-in Preview and OnAir windows.
  • N+1 and 2N redundancy and additional failover option available.
  • Real-time data insertion: XML, RSS, ODBC.

System Requirements for v.2.7:

  • Engine/Control: Mac mini (Intel), Control only: iMac (Intel)
  • Version 2.7: Apple macOS Mojave (10.14.x)
  • Version 3.0: Apple macOS Catalina (10.15.x), macOS Big Sur (11.x)
  • Minimum of 16 GB RAM
  • Support for qualified AJA and Blackmagic Design video devices

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