GV Playout Solutions

Grass Valley

With more worldwide channels on air than any other provider, Grass Valley’s integrated playout systems give you the flexibility to launch new channels quickly, migrate to an IP infrastructure on your terms and timetable, lower operational costs, and simplify your ability to turn challenges into ratings and revenue.

Cloud-Based Playout

Gain more business flexibility by spinning TV channels up and down channels where and when you need them. Ideal for “pop-up” / event-driven channels or any application requiring temporary channels.

Thematic Channel Playout

Scale your playout operations from 1 to 100+ channels, without requiring additional operators to cope with the additional channels.

Highly Reactive Playout

Safely deal with unscheduled events and manual interventions without augmenting the risks of errors and compromising your high revenue generating segments.

Regionalized Playout

Simplify multi-regional playout and optimize revenue generation with more targeted advertising. Make your content more relevant with regional content substitution or local playout in a hub / spoke topology.

OTT Playout

Monetize your content by reaching more viewers on digital platforms. Augment your operational efficiency by leveraging integrated workflows for both OTT and linear broadcast

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