Digital Broadcast
Digital Broadcast

MediaFire is a master control and playout system with advanced features that reduce the equipment you need, streamline your operation, improve your on-air quality, and prepare you for the future of broadcast and streaming. MediaFire’s advanced options can be activated as you need them. Options include: built-in graphics, internal switching, audio loudness processing, IP simulcast, and SCTE-35 for DAI.  MediaFire’s streamlined workflows interface directly with your syndication services, automatically processing programming 7x faster than real-time and eliminating the need for transcoding, giving you superior video quality.  MediaFire prepares you for NextGen TV / ATSC 3.0 broadcasts with IP outputs, UHD video, and SCTE-35 streams. Reliably manage channels with rock-solid playback, active day-and-night monitoring and fail-safe redundancy guaranteeing a flawless broadcast. 

Product Specs


• Device control (including router, switcher, keyer, & CG)

• Native Syndication interface for immediate delivery without transcoding

• Full system redundancy (including media, automation, and I/O)

• Built-in automated QC for media validation

• Dynamic ad insertion via built-in SCTE-35

• Delivery to OTA and streaming platforms with baseband, IP and streaming outputs. 

• Ready for NextGenTV (ATSC 3.0)