An Agile Remote Collaboration & Production Solution

nxtedition is a complete production solution for video and audio – used by broadcasters, OTT platforms, publishers, corporates & other industries to create video content for broadcast and streaming, as well as audio for radio broadcasting, streaming and podcasting.

nxtedition provides a huge increase in productivity allowing clients to be first, fast and accurate with the stories people want and need to know – be that news, sport, entertainment or any facet production. 

Everything Starts With A Story

The driving force of nxtedition is the way we deal with scriptwriting. We wanted to create a way writers could be free to express their creativity without complex technical boundries.

Instead of complex spreadsheet tables we adopted a “blank sheet of paper” concept which allows journalists to write the story as they would in any word processor. Our central aim is to put the story at the heart of the system.

The automation, prompters, vision and audio mixers are all controlled from what a user enters into the story. Videos can be dragged and dropped from the browser into the correct order in the script as well as cameras, graphics and video wall events. 

These assets can be configured to playout on-air automatically or manually and also be routed to the touchscreen shotbox to be used anytime using just a touch.

The nxtedition Concept …

nxtedition has been specifically designed to put the story right at the centre of everything our users do. 

We provide the tools required to move from planning a story, to acquisition, to live on-air broadcast and also publishing to VOD, web and social media.

Our users work in a simple user interface for managing and organising media, writing stories and creating rundowns to be broadcast live or recorded in the studio. 

The real power of nxtedition can be seen in the organisation of workflows. nxtedition doesn’t dictate how you should work but fits around how you currently work and optimises it. 

Details for the studio automation, including graphics, camera cues, videos, prompter content, lighting & audio control, robotics, video walls, etc. can be introduced into stories which are then stacked into run-down sequences which control the automated playout of the entire production.

Product Specs


Broadcast and media professionals are being forced by technological change to take a radically fresh look at how they deploy effective systems & work flows within their organisations.

In the past transitions across these areas took place over years, allowing broadcasters ample time to evolve from one production solution to another.

However, today’s move towards the converged development of traditional and new media services has led to cross-media storytelling. Broadcasters must now adapt to shifts in changing consumer preferences for media consumption or they risk becoming irrelevant.

How can broadcasters leverage storytelling & utilise it fully to engage an audience now fragmented across multiple devices? The answer to that question lies within nxtedition, a powerful storytelling system fit for the 21st century.

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