FrameFormer Link – motion compensated frame rate conversion

InSync Technology

FrameFormer integrated into your content platform

FrameFormer Link brings market leading video conversion direct to your preferred content management and processing platform – for both live stream and file-based video content.

With a powerful API and ease of integration we are continually growing our list of supported platforms but already FrameFormer conversion is available via a number of industry leading platforms – including Dalet Amberfin , Hiscale FLICS and AWS MediaConvert.

Product Specs

FrameFormer Link

  • Integrated services – delivered seamlessly from your preferred platform
  • State of the art motion compensated frame rate conversion (any frame rate)
  • High quality format conversion (any frame size)
  • Full range of aspect ratio conversion services (automatic/manual/presets)
  • Industry leading scan conversion (interlaced/progressive)
  • HDR (PQ/HLG) & colour space conversion
  • Cadence removal & Insertion
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