Facilis FastTracker

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Facilis FastTracker

Simple Media Asset Management and Proxy Generation

Included with every Facilis system, Facilis delivers the fastest way to index, tag, search, and access your video, audio and still format media across connected storage using our media and video asset management system. FastTracker supports 1 million+ asset records and is completely integrated with Facilis server software. Our FastTracker 3.6 release includes several new features and integrations that streamline the process of ingest, tagging, access, and archive. 

Using FastTracker, you can develop a custom workflow without the complexity and cost of traditional MAM systems. Easy to learn and quick to use, you’ll find this asset tracker to be a huge benefit in almost any workflow. Call us today at (978) 562-7022 to learn more about what is included in our video storage servers.

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