CX-4 Transport Stream Converter – ASI to IP Gateway

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Transport Stream Converter

TSoIP to ASI – ASI to TSoIP Gateway


With more and more Transport Streams being pushed through IT networks, there’s a growing need to convert between DVB-ASI and TSoIP.  The CX-4 is an ASI to IP Gateway, which is also capable of converting IP to ASI

The CX-4 contains up to four independent transport stream converters (CX-4-1, CX-4-2, CX-4-3, & CX-4), which convert uni-directionally between Transport Streams over IP and Asynchronous Serial Interface (TSoIP and ASI).

The CX-4 complies with both the DVB and SMPTE 2022 standards. The TSoIP interface supports Transport Stream encapsulation, Forward Error Correction, and UDP/RTP de-encapsulation as defined by the SMPTE 2022 specification.

Adhering to our products philosophy, the CX-4 is designed for easy operation. It is controlled via a web server user interface and comes with dual power supplies for reliability.

Applications: IP-based studio to transmitter links, routing TS over internal IP networks and IP-based distribution to MPVD partners

Product Specs

ü  Accepts DVB-ASI & SMPTE 2022 (Transport Stream over IP)

ü  Up to 4 independent Converters in 1 RU chassis

ü  Web Server User Interface for configuration and monitoring.

ü  Forward Error Correction (FEC) – SMPTE 2022

ü  Encapsulation – UDP or RTP

ü  Front Panel LED Indicator, Manual Web-Server Reset

ü  Dual Power Supplies for failsafe Operation

ü  Ethernet – IEEE 802.3ab RJ-45 with LEDs 100/1000 Auto Sense

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