CXQ-4 – High-density ASI to TSoIP Transport Stream Converter/Gateway

DTV Innovations

Transport Stream Converter

High Density ASI to TSoIP Converter/Gateway

DTV Innovations is now offering its latest innovation, the CXQ-4. With more and more Transport Streams being pushed through IT networks, there’s now a growing need to convert DVB-ASI to TSoIP in an even higher-density implementation.

The CXQ-4 contains up to four quad Transport Stream interface modules (CXQ-4-4, CXQ-4-8, CXQ-4-12, and CXQ‑4­­­‑16). Each interface module converts four Asynchronous Serial Interface  (DVB-ASI) Transport Streams to Transport Streams over IP streams (TSoIP) and outputs the four IP streams on 1, 2, 3, or 4 Ethernet connectors (corresponding to the number of input modules.


It complies with both the DVB and SMPTE2022 standards. The TSoIP interface supports Transport stream encapsulation and forward error correction as defined by the SMPTE 2022 specification.

The CXQ-4 provides a total of up to four (4) Ethernet outputs, each containing up to 4 TSoIP transport streams making it an ideal and cost-effective multi-channel ASI to IP gateway

Product Specs

ü  Accepts 4, 8, 12, or 16 DVB-ASI Transport Streams

ü  Up to four independent Quad interface modules in  1 RU chassis

ü  Web Server User Interface for configuration and monitoring

ü  Forward Error Correction (FEC) – SMPTE 2022

ü  Encapsulation – UDP or RTP

ü  IPv6 & Source Specific Multicast are supported

ü  Dual Power Supplies for failsafe Operation

ü  Field Upgradable & Factory Expandable

ü  Ethernet – IEEE 802.3ab RJ-45 with LEDs 100/1000 Auto Sense

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