Caller One

Broadcast Bionics

Answer, screen and control calls from a browser on any device

Caller One is a software talkshow system, using your PC, webRTC and the latest SIP (Voice over IP) technology to deliver a radical new way of routing calls to air without any dedicated hardware. 

Caller One has been specifically designed with the smaller studio in mind. It is quick and easy to install and maintain; yet is a powerful and feature rich all-in-one solution. Caller One handles multiple SIP lines, you can add more workstations by simply accessing the software via your browser so you can collaborate, produce or call screen. This means you can also use it on a mobile device, such as an iPad or tablet.

With no expensive hardware or cabling, all you need to get started is a PC and some SIP telephone lines, either from a SIP provider or directly from your existing office switch if it can supply SIP extensions.  

Caller One has all the features and functionality you are accustomed to;

  • Screen & Control calls from any browser
  • Manage up to 12 lines
  • Connect using IP Audio drivers or soundcard
  • Unlimited workstations/screeners
  • Dispositions and caller demographics
  • Call directory
  • Call history/Call log
  • Chat (visual talkback)
  • Call Recording
  • Call Conferencing

The Caller One application runs on a PC or Virtual Machine and as such no expensive broadcast hardware is required making Caller One easy to install, easy to maintain and extremely powerful to use. 

Product Specs